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About Donjala Smith-Thomas


Donjala Smith-Thomas is the Owner of  Publishing Company Thomas Diaires LLC she is the Author Never Let Them See Your Sweat; Tears Belong in Your Pillows.  Smith- Thomas is a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse. She is currently a full-time entrepreneur that resides in Yazoo City, Mississippi. She is the moderator of a one-on-one Closed Virtual Video Session named, "You Can Too". Where she motivates and encourages women to practice self-love, find peace, trust in God, have faith and they too can be free. Her passion for the Virtual Session has encouraged her to be a voice and support all young women that may have or are in an abusive situation.

 Smith-Thomas is currently married with 4 amazing children, in which two are angel babies. Her goal is to continue to pour into young women and let them know that they are somebody and are loved.